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19 BEST Winter Children’s Books | Picture Books to Read Aloud

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Find out the best winter children’s books, grab a free printable book-list. Enjoy reading these wintry stories with the children in your life!

Winter is the perfect time to cozy up and read wonderful books with the children in your life. There are so many wonderful winter themed children’s books that capture the beauty and adventure of wintertime. In this blog post, I will share some of the best winter children’s books that will encourage your child’s curiosity and warm their hearts. These delightful books will capture their attention and leave them asking you to read another and another. And if you have little snow lovers, you have to take a peek at our favorite snow books here. We love each of these wonderful winter books in our home! So grab a cup of something warm, maybe a cozy blanket…….. and join me as we take a look at the best winter children’s books.

Best Winter Children's Books:

Winter Children's Books 1

1: Very Last First Time

Written by Jan Andrews and illustrated by Ian Wallace

This is the story of how Ava makes her way to the seabed under the frozen waves to gather mussels for her family to eat. It will be her first time to gather mussels alone, as her mother waits for her above the hole in the ice. Wonderful, gorgeous illustrations bring this daring story to life.

Winter Children's Books 2

2: Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter

Written by Eugenie Doyle and illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

This story follows along with a farming family as they prepare for the winter-time. An interesting read that is informative to children in way that is engaging. Delightful colorful pictures help describe the preparation details.

Winter Children's Books 3

3: Owl Moon

Written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by John Schoenherr

In this captivating story, a young boy finally gets his turn to go on an owl walk with his father one winter evening. He learns how to be patient and persevere through the long cold walk. The illustrations are beautiful in this story, filled with snowy woodsy scenes.

Winter Children's Books 4

4: Ollie's Ski Trip

Written and illustrated by Elsa Beskow

In this fairy tale style story, 6 year old Ollie is given his first pair of skis and embarks on a snowy adventure. He meets up with Jack Frost, Mrs. Thaw, and King Winter! Ollie has a wonderful time with Jack Frost, but will Mrs. Thaw return too soon for him to enjoy the snow? Colorful illustrations on each page bring this delightful tale to life.

Winter Children's Books 5

5: Winter Is Here

Written by Kevin Henkes and illustrated by Laura Dronzek

This sweet picture book is a quick read, but shares sweet descriptions of winter. It has full page adorable illustrations that will captivate the littlest listeners. The little details in this book are so fun.

Winter Children's Books 6

6: Once Upon a Northern Night

Written by Jean E. Pendziwol and illustrated by Issabelle Arsenault

A precious bedtime story that is calm and poetical. The lovely pictures bring the descriptive words to life for little ones. This is one you will want to read over and over before bed – a sweet lullaby for little ones that describes wintertime.

Winter Children's Books 7

7: Annie and the Wild Animals

Written and illustrated by Jan Brett

This adorable story will become a favorite. Sweet little Annie’s cat runs off so she tries to find a new pet by setting out corn cakes. Different kinds of wild animals show up, and none are a good fit. Will Annie ever find a pet? Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. Adorable illustrations fill the pages, and share some hints to the ending!

Winter Children's Books 8

8: Winter Days in the Big Woods

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and illustrated by Renee Graef

This beautifully illustrated book begins with the Ingalls family preparing for winter, but in no time at all winter has come to the Big Woods. The girls stay busy indoors helping Ma with housework, making prints in the frost, and more. A sweet peek into days gone by!

Winter Children's Books 9

9: Animals in Winter

Written by Henrietta Bancroft and illustrated by Richard G. Van Gelder

A great education book that is fun to read. Learn all about animal behavior in winter and how they cope with the season. There’s even a fun section at the end of ways to support the animals around us during the winter months. Colorful and fun detailed illustrations fill this book and keep little ones interested.

Winter Children's Books 10

10: Winter Walk

Written and illustrated by Virginia B. Snow

Come along as Grammy takes her grands for a wintertime nature walk in the snow! They discover all kinds of creatures and learn about nature items along the way. Little ones will love the poetic words and the pop of color of each nature item as it appears on a snowy scene in this adorable book.

Winter Children's Books 11

11: Winter on the Farm

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and illustrated by Renee Graef

A delightful book that describes a winter evening on the farm. From farm chores to a hearty meal, see how the Wilder family share their cold evening together. A lovely peek into a family working and spending time together in days gone by. Beautiful soft illustrations fill each page.

Winter Children's Books 12

12: Brave Irene

Written and illustrated by William Steig

The tale of how Irene, a dressmaker’s daughter, braves a winter storm to deliver a beautiful ball gown just in time to the duchess. Follow along as she never gives up as she makes her way through the wind and snow. Fun colorful illustrations bring this exciting story to life.

Winter Children's Books 13

13: The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

Written by Natalie Standiford and illustrated by Donald Cook

This book brings the legend of Balto to life for children with easy to understand words and great illustrations. A brave story that brought hope and life to Nome, Alaska during times of sickness and bitter cold. The story of Balto is sure to thrill dog lovers everywhere.

Winter Children's Books 14

14: Winter Story

Written and illustrated by Jill Barklem

Come along with the Brambley Hedge mice as they work together to prepare the Ice Hall for a Snow Ball! A sweet account of wintertime traditions and festivities, sure to brighten up a cold day. Maybe it will even inspire you to create your own Snow Ball?! As always, beautiful, detailed, vintage style illustrations fill this Brambley Hedge story.

Winter Children's Books 15

15: The Mitten

Written and illustrated by Jan Brett

This fun and rollicking tale will bring some giggles to the day. Follow along with the adventure of Nicki’s lost mitten. Will he realize it’s missing, and will he find it before Baba finds out? Sure to become a favorite of young listeners. Filled with gorgeous illustrations that certain to delight little eyes.

Winter Children's Books 16

16: The Rag Coat

Written and illustrated by Lauren Mills

This precious story set in Appalachia is about a young girl who desperately needs a winter coat. This emotional story brings home the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and goodwill…. even during hard times. The illustrations are absolutely breath taking and truly bring the emotions of this story to life. A treasure.

Winter Children's Books 17

17: Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story

Written by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss and illustrated by Cinyee Chiu

In this book, a boy takes a walk with his grandma, as she answers all his questions about how the environment changes for winter. Children will love looking for and spotting all the creatures on each page. The illustrations fill the pages and give wonderful details to the story.

Winter Children's Books 18

18: When Winter Comes

Written by Nancy Van Laan and illustrated by Susan Gaber

A sweet little story in a question and answer format. An inquisitive little boy learns answers to his winter questions from his parents. The pages are filled with beautiful, pastel illustrations that brings the story to life.

Winter Children's Books 19

19: Dance at Grandpa's

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and illustrated by Renne Graef

Another adorable book about the Ingalls family set around a winter dance. Join in the fun as Laura and her family get ready, and go to a big dance at Grandpa’s. There’s lots of good food, music, and fun! Beautiful, detailed pictures fill each page.

I hope you found this winter themed children’s book list helpful! As you can see from the pictures, all the books listed are in our home library. 

If you would like a free printable book-list to take to the library, click the link below. 

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