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TOP 10 Young Living Products | Tried and True Favorites!

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In this post, I share my personal Top 10 Young Living Products. I have been using these every day for years. Tried and true favorites!

In this post, I am spilling the beans and sharing my personal favorite top 10 Young Living products with you! These are my tried and true favorites that we use every day for years. From personal care to essential oils to supplements, this list is a little of each. I love Young Living products because they are clean and extremely high quality! (Example: many of their body-care products are luxurious and better than top dollar department store products – you truly get what you pay for!)

It has almost been 4 years since I made my first Loyalty Order from Young Living, and I haven’t looked back! That’s right! I have been making a Loyalty Order every month for almost 4 years!! My first order was this Premiun Starter Bundle, and I still use multiple oils from this daily! I started with their genuine, high quality essential oils, and then began switching over things like household products, personal care, supplements, etc a little each month. Instead of getting this stuff from multiple places and having to scour packaging for clean quality ingredients, I just add it to my Young Living monthly wellness box! (AKA Loyalty Order) I love that their products are safe and free from toxic or harmful ingredients, AND infused with their essential oils – which support our body’s wellness too!!

If you’re curious about how to unlock your annual 24% discount or have questions about Loyalty Orders, I explain it all here. In the meantime, here are my tried and true personal favorite top 10 YL products!!

Top 10 Young Living Products:

Top 10 Young Living Products 1 Ningxia Red

1: Ningxia Red

This antioxidant rich, whole food supplement is made from a specific variety of wolfberries (NingXia). Just 1-2 oz gives your body an amazing flood of antioxidants. I drink this every morning in my wellness drink. I feel so rehydrated and refreshed afterwards. NingXia Red is truly a super food and a staple for head to toe wellness! (Learn more about NingXia Red in my post here.) Find it here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 2 Sulfuzyme

2: Sulfurzyme

This is a MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) supplement. The benefits of this supplement are: support of overall wellness by bolstering your joints, aiding your immune system, and supporting normal metabolic function, circulation, and bone, hair, and skin health! I add this to my daily wellness drink with the NingXia Red! I use the powder and mixes extremely easily – I never get clumps! Find it here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 3 Super B

3: Super B

My other favorite supplement from YL. This is a high quality multi-B supplement that contains all 8 B vitamins with bioavailable chelated minerals. It helps maintain healthy energy levels, supports cardiovascular and cognitive function, and eases feelings of everyday stress. I truly love this supplement and can feel the difference in the quality and bioavailability of this vs others that I have taken in the past! Find it here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 4 Progessence Plus Serum

4: Progessence Plus Serum

What a life changer! I mean WHOAH! So many women have seen amazing hormone benefits from this, and I am one of them! Using this daily has helped balance and regulate my female hormones naturally. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details here, but let’s just say I am much more emotionally stable and things are much calmer when Aunt Flo comes to visit! (I use this alongside my Women’s Hormone Support Roller, and typically get zero cramping.) Find it here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 5 Lip Balm

5: Lip Balm

OK, so I love a good lip balm! I have tried many different natural ones over the years, and these are hands down my favorite. They go on so gently and smoothly, and there are multiple flavors to choose from. You can get them individually or grab my favorite Lip Balm Trio.  (YL also releases exclusive seasonal flavors from time to time, so be on the lookout for those!) Each one is created with naturally derived ingredients and genuine YL essential oils to lock in moisture. I love these lip balms so much – you can typically find my flavor of the day sitting on the top of my Stanley water cup LOL. Find it here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 6 Thieves Laundry Soap

6: Thieves Laundry Soap

Laundry is a big one around here –  there are lots of sensitive skin and noses at our house, so clean and safe ingredients are a must! It is also important that it doesn’t break the bank, since we are a large family. I love that YL laundry soap is free from optical brighteners, SLS, fragrance, and more! It is plant-based and it works! You can even follow my simple hack to triple a bottle if you want even more bang for your buck! My tutorial for how to triple it is here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 7 Thieves Household Cleaner

7: Thieves Household Cleaner

Hands down my favorite all-purpose cleaner! I appreciate that it’s a plant-based, non-toxic cleaner which is safe to use around my children and pets. It works fabulously, and has a nice light cinnamon/clove scent. We use this to clean basically everything! Kitchen, bathroom, mirrors, carpet, the back porch… you name it! This is a concentrate, so 1 of these bottles makes about 30 spray bottles of all-purpose cleaner!! That is less than $1 per 16 oz bottle!! (Learn all about what makes this cleaner so amazing on my post here.) Find it here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 8 Hand and Body Lotion

8: Hand and Body Lotion

YL has lots of lotion options! My personal favorite is the Genesis Hand and Body Lotion. It is a nice medium consistency; and it has a nice feminine scent, but not overly strong. My second favorite is the lightweight Lavender Hand and Body Lotion. Mixing them together is divine, and the best of both worlds. Neither of these lotions leave greasy residue, they absorb well, and a little goes a long way! A must have, especially in the dry winter months or after a beach/pool day. Find the Genesis here and Lavender here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 9 Rose Ointment

9: Rose Ointment

This is such an underrated product from YL! Seriously, we use this stuff on basically any skin thing. From scabs to dry patches. It is literally the best thing for dry elbows and knees – I get mine summer ready in no time! It is super gentle and healing. My kids love it so much, and it literally smells like fresh roses! Pro tip: Scoop it out, whip it smooth, and refill the jar. It makes it so creamy and soft – the literal BEST! Find it here.

Top 10 Young Living Products 10 Aria Premium Starter Bundle

10: Premium Starter Bundle

This contains literally EVERYTHING you need to get started with genuine essential oils! It has my personal favorite essential oils – from my favorite oils that calm me down to oils to diffuse around my home. I use multiple essential oils from this bundle every single day – they are truly staple essential oils! Choose from the Aria or Desert Mist diffuser. (The essential oils are the same in each – just choose which diffuser you like best!)

I hope you found some new ideas from my top 10 Young Living products. 

What are some of your favorite YL products? 

Tell me in the comments below.

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