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Thieves Homemade Soft Scrub

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This natural homemade soft scrub uses the cleaning power of Thieves Household Cleaner! It is simple and quick to make – you’ll have it mixed up and ready to use in a matter of minutes! It works amazingly at cleaning porcelain and stainless steel. I personally prefer this soft scrub for cleaning our porcelain sink and garden tub. Of course, you can use it for any other places that you desire to use a soft scrub. Here’s the step by step instructions and ingredient list to make everything easy for you.

Ingredient List:

  • 1 cup Baking Soda (should be in big box stores like Target/Walmart, etc)
  • 1 tablespoon liquid Un-scented Castile Soap (should be in big box stores like Target/Walmart, etc)
  • 1 tablespoon Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 10-15 drops Lemon Essential Oil (Any citrus essential oil – or combination of – will work. Grapefruit, orange, lime, or tangerine are fun options! The fresh scent of lemon is my personal favorite.)
  • Water
Thieves Soft Scrub Ingredients

Homemade Soft Scrub Directions:

 1. Add 1 cup of baking soda to an empty squirt top/squeeze bottle. (I repurposed a Thieves Dish Soap bottle, it holds 12 oz so it left room to shake/mix.)

Thieves Soft Scrub step 1

2. To the baking soda add 1 tablespoon of liquid unscented castile soap. 

Thieves Soft Scrub step 2

3. To the baking soda mixture, add 1 tablespoon of Thieves Household Cleaner. (concentrate)

Thieves Soft Scrub step 3

4. To the baking soda mixture, add and 10-15 drops of lemon essential oil.

Thieves Soft Scrub step 4

5. Add water, 1 tablespoon at a time until it is a smooth, liquid paste. (I used 4.) 

Thieves Soft Scrub step 5

6. Shake, shake, shake until completely combined. Store tightly sealed. To use, squeeze onto dirty surface, scrub in circular motions, rinse clean. Happy cleaning!

Thieves Soft Scrub step 6

Why These Ingredients?

Homemade Soft Scrub Ingredients
  • Baking Soda works as a natural cleanser, because it gives a little grit and is a mild alkali. When used as a base ingredient, it works to dissolve organic compounds like dirt, grime, and grease.
  • Castile Soap is an all-natural liquid soap that contains zero detergents or foaming agents. It is very effective at cleaning because it attaches to dirt and germs, effectively washing them away and leaving a clean surface.
  • Thieves Household Cleaner provides an effective, deep clean with the power of naturally derived, plant-based ingredients that lift dirt, pet stains, dried-on food, grime, and more! It is ultra-concentrated and non-abrasive. The perfect all-purpose cleaner; you can use it to create a myriad of cleaning DIYs! To learn more about Thieves Household Cleaner, visit my post here.
  • Lemon Essential Oil is great for cleaning, because it is very effective at breaking down sticky residue. It also has cleansing and odor eliminating properties. And of course it leaves behind the fresh, bright, clean aroma of lemons. To learn more about the benefits and uses of lemon essential oil, visit my post here.

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