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Sunshine Essential Oil Roller Recipe for Emotions

sunshine roller bottle with young living essential oils


Everyone needs a mood boost at one time or another. Enter Sunshine essential oil roller recipe – a happy mood boosting blend! This is a great emotional balancing blend for when you are feeling grumpy, angry, sad, disappointed, nervous, or just plain irritable. It is a great one to keep in your purse or bag, so it’s handy when you are out and about. I love making roller bottle blends to support our bodies in targeted areas. They are a simple and fun little DIY to do. It takes little, to no, time, work, and mess! You can even let the children in your life join in the fun! Yes, the essential oils in this roller recipe are gentle and child-safe! It has a bright citrus aroma that smells wonderful. Before I give you the recipe, I would like to share the essential oils I chose, and a little about them. Every single one of these essential oils are known for their emotional balancing properties! Let’s see why. 

Essential Oils for Skin Support:

Orange Essential Oil is loved for its clean and fresh aroma, it is uplifting and refreshing. Orange essential oil supports feelings of calm, relaxation, and emotional balance. (To learn more about the benefits of orange essential oil, see my detailed post here.)

Lavender Essential Oil is well known for its fresh and floral scent, it is calming and balancing. Lavender essential oil supports feelings of calm, relaxation, and balance – both physically and emotionally. (To learn more about the benefits of lavender essential oil, see my detailed post here.)

Bergamot Essential Oil boasts a citrus and floral aroma, it is calming and mood-lifting. Bergamot essential oil supports hormonal balance, sleep, and feelings of overwhelm.

Jade Lemon Essential Oil is well loved for its lemon-lime scent, it is uplifting and stimulating to the mind and body. Jade lemon essential oil supports total body relaxation and memory function.

Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil has a fresh woodsy aroma, that enhances and uplifts the spirit. Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil supports feelings of balance and grounding; and may release emotional blocks.

Sunshine Essential Oil Roller Recipe Supplies:

Orange essential oil 

Lavender essential oil

Bergamot essential oil 

Jade Lemon essential oil

Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil

10 ml glass roller bottle – Whimsey + Wellness is my favorite brand for unique high quality roller bottles.

Carrier oil of choice- I prefer V-6 Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil

For convenience, here is a link with all 4 essential oils and a carrier oil in one place. Click here.


1. Open your 10ml glass roller bottle.

opening 10 ml roller bottle

2. Add the 5 drops of each of these essential oils: orange, lavender, bergamot, jade lemon, and northern lights black spruce.

3. Top off with carrier oil of choice. Be sure to leave room for the roller fitment.

4. Carefully secure the roller fitment and lid.

5. Gently shake to combine the oils.

6. Roll on wrists, or any pulse area, whenever emotional balancing support is needed. Enjoy!

applying the sunshine roller bottle essential oils

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