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17 BEST Snow Books for Children | Picture Books to Read Aloud

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The best snow books for children are the perfect wintry read! Find a new favorite book and enjoy a free printable book-list. 

Whether you live in a place where snow is common or rare, there are many children’s books about snow that celebrate the beauty and joy it brings. In this blog post, I will share our family’s favorite snow books for children – both classic and new books. These wonderful read aloud picture books are filled with snowflakes, snowy adventures, animals in the snow, and more. I hope you will find some new favorite snow books to enjoy with the children in your life. I am certain these books will spark your imagination and warm your heart. Happy reading!!

The Best Snow Books for Children:

Best Snow Books for Children 1

1: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Written by Robert Frost and illustrated by Susan Jeffers

A gorgeously illustrated book brings the famous 1978 poem to life. Serene snowy New England scenes fill every page. Little eyes will find joy in spying creatures throughout. A wonderful way to introduce this classic poem to your child.

Best Snow Books for Children 2

2: Over and Under the Snow

Written by Kate Messner and illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

This book takes a peek at the secret world under the snow! Children will enjoy seeing hidden creatures and learning about their lives beneath the snow. A wonderful non-fiction book with great illustrations.

Best Snow Books for Children 3

3: Katy and the Big Snow

Written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton

This classic children’s story is as delightful today as it was 100 years ago! Follow along with Katy as she clears the way after the big snow to make way for workers and helpers so that the town can function again. Fun vintage illustrations.

Best Snow Books for Children 4

4: The Snowy Day

Written and illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats

This classic story is filled with child-like wonder and quiet fun as it follows Peter’s snowy little adventure. 1960 style illustrations bring this sweet tale to life.

Best Snow Books for Children 5

5: Snow

Written and illustrated by Uri Shulevitz

This book is about how one boy and his dog have faith it will amount to something. And when it does, they are the only ones who truly know how to enjoy it. Wonderful illustrations throughout.

Best Snow Books for Children 6

6: Snowflake Bentley

Written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Mary Azarian

A delightful story of Wilson Bentley and his fascination with snow, and how he gave the gift of snow to the world. Children will be inspired by his patience and perseverance. Vintage style illustrations throughout.

Best Snow Books for Children 7

7: Snow

Written by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Lauren Stringer

In this story, a girl, her friend, and her grandmother enjoy many things that a snowy day has to offer. Lyrical descriptions of the sights and feelings that snow brings, and adorable illustrations fill these pages.

Best Snow Books for Children 8

8: Sugar Snow

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and illustrated by Doris Ettlinger

This book shares how Laura is delighted when a soft, thick snow falls in late spring. The snow helps the maple trees make more sap – which means more maple syrup for Laura and her family. Beautiful illustrations fill the pages.

Best Snow Books for Children 9

9: The Big Snow

Written by Berta and Elmer Hader

This book is equal parts adorable and beautiful. Exquisite, vintage-style illustrations bring this snowy animal tale to life. Follow along with the animals as they survive the winter snow, with a little help from some special friends.

Best Snow Books for Children 10

10: The Story of Snow

Written by Mark Cassino and illustrated by Jon Nelson

A wonderful non-fiction book that shares how snow is formed in a way that children can understand. A wonderful science shelf addition. It’s filled with detailed illustrations and photos of snowflakes. A gem of a book!

Best Snow Books for Children 11

11: The Story of the Snow Children

Written and illustrated by Sybil Von Offers

A fairytale style story of how Poppy goes on an adventure with the Snow Children and visits the Snow Queen’s kingdom. After a fun visit, she is returned home. Wonderful, colorful illustrations on every page.

Best Snow Books for Children 12

12: The Snowy Nap

Written and illustrated by Jan Brett

A delightful tale of how a hedgehog named Hedgie is determined not to sleep through winter and miss all the excitement. With a little help and care of Lisa, his dreams just may come true! Whimsical illustrations fill the pages.

Best Snow Books for Children 13

13: Best In Snow

By April Pulley Sayre

Breathtaking photography fills every page of this delightful book. A wonderful way to allow children to see real snow – especially if snow is rare where you live! A wonderful non-fiction book that celebrates the beauty of snow.

Best Snow Books for Children 14

14: Snow Horses

Written by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Micha Archer

A cozy picture book about love and community on New Year’s Eve. Follow along with the 2 horses as they carry out an evening of tradition and good cheer with their friend Jenny.

Best Snow Books for Children 15

15: White Snow Bright Snow

Written by Alvin Tresselt and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin

This fun vintage book shows how a town is transformed by snow and affects people in different ways.  The grownups are doing practical things, of course, but the children are finding joy and fun in the snow.

Best Snow Books for Children 16

16: Under the Snow

Written by Melissa Stewart and illustrated by Constance R. Bergum

A delightful book that highlights creatures and their habitats beneath the snow. A fascinating non-fiction book with wonderful illustrations that describe what is happening under the snow.

Best Snow Books for Children 17

17: Snowflakes Fall

Written by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Steven Kellogg

This book describes snowflakes falling and how it brings people together. It describes different snowy activities and how snow and people are alike in the sense that each snowflake and person is unique and special.

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