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These homemade beeswax candles are natural and simple to make. Learn now to roll beeswax for candles with step by step instructions.

I love that these homemade beeswax candles are so simple to make! Not only that, but they’re also a fun and relaxing pastime. While these candles are perfect to enjoy in your own home, they also make a thoughtful, handmade gift. I love gifting a pair of handmade beeswax candles with these simple, classic wooden candlesticks! I love that these beeswax candles are natural, they’re made from 100 percent beeswax sheets and cotton wicks. These candles burn very clean – I appreciate that about them! They are fragrance free, so they aren’t polluting your home with a lot of synthetic fragrance chemicals. If I want a pleasant aroma to go along with the ambiance of these candles, I set up an essential oil diffuser with the scent that I desire. (You can visit my essential oil diffusing page here; there are ideas of which essential oils are best for diffusing and blend recipes too!)


How to Make Beeswax Candles:

All you need for these simple beeswax candles are beeswax comb sheets, cotton wick, and some scissors. (Optional: blow dryer for softening the wax.) My favorite way to gather these items is to order this beeswax candle making kit from Amazon, and grab a pair of scissors from my cabinet. That’s all you need – now let’s get rolling!

1: Take out 1 sheet of beeswax comb and cut evenly in half. Set 1 half aside.


2: Cut a piece cotton wick that is as long as the beeswax sheet plus an extra 1/2 inch.


3: Lay the cotton wick on the very edge of the beeswax sheet, then begin to gently roll the wax around the wick securely. If desired, soften the edge with a blow dryer on low heat before you begin to roll the wax around the wick.

folding candle wick in the sheet of beeswax

4: Continue to tightly roll the wax around the wick until it is completely rolled up. Taking your time to ensure that you roll the wax evenly.

5: Use a blow dryer on low heat and gently press it together to create a seam. OR Press the seam firmly with your fingers until it slightly melts and creates a seam.

sealing the edge of the beeswax candle

6: Congratulations – you just made your first beeswax candle! Now set it aside and make some more; or place it in a pretty candlestick* and enjoy the fruit of your hands!

finished candle

* If the candle is a tight fit in your candlestick, you can warm the bottom tip and mold it tighter to fit better. You may warm it either with your hands, or a blow dryer, on low heat.

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