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Essential Oils for Children

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Essential Oils and Children

Are you confused about which essential oils are best for children? Or maybe you have heard that essential oils are dangerous for children? As a mother of 5, I have been concerned about this very thing. And after reading multiple books, internet posts, and even research papers, I finally came to the point where I felt comfortable using essential oils on my boys. Ultimately, in everything I read, it came down to a few things. First off purity and secondly caution.


Purity is such an important thing when using essential oils, period! Adulterated essential oils can do so much harm, and they typically offer little to no benefit, so what is even the point of wasting your money on them? I don’t know about you, but if I am looking for a calming essential oil for my toddler or preschooler, I want it to actually work. I don’t care if it’s double the price of the one that does nothing. Please just give me the one that will truly help him relax and go to sleep. Please and thank you! A pure essentail oil only contains the essential oil. There are no fillers, additives, or artificial ingredeints. Pure and high quality essential oils wil be grown in their native habitats and will have third party testing to prove their purity. This is why I personally choose Young Living essential oils for my children. They have the highest quality and purest essential oils I could find, thanks to their Seed to Seal promise, plus they work! Time after time, again and again!!


Caution is always in order when using essential oils – especially with children! While essential oils are all natural, they are extremely potent*. Too much of a good thing doesn’t automatically make it a better thing. Often less is more when it comes to essential oils. Remember to start small, it’s easy to add more if you need it, but you cannot take it away so easily! Dilution is always a good idea, since children are often more sensitive than adults. Always apply a small diluted amount, and wait for any possible irritations before applying more. And remember that some essential oils are stronger than others. Know what essential oils are gentle, and what you are looking for the essential oil to do for your child. Keeping those two things in mind will help you find the right essential oil for your child’s needs. BUT there is an easy button! Enter the Young Living’s KidScents line! These essential oil blends were formulated especially for children and to meet specific needs. They are also pre-diluted for your peace of mind. BUT, they can be diluted even more. This post will give you the lowdown on each of these 6 essential oil blends. I will show you how quick and easy it is to make your kiddo up some roller bottles or set up the Feather the Owl kids’ diffuser for them. Let’s dive in!

KidScents Essential Oils for Children


Great for tummy troubles. Roll, or gently rub, around your child’s belly button. This blend is quieting, relaxing, and great for tummy discomfort.  This carefully blended combination of Ginger, Tangerine, Fennel, and other premium essential oils has a naturally comforting aroma that may help when dealing with tiny tummies. Try a little TummyGize and a gentle message or a warm compress for extra support.


Your children will love this because it smells like an orange cream-cicle! This is heavenly in the diffuser anytime you want an aromatic boost to support feelings of positivity and confidence in your child. Apply KidPower on your children’s wrists, or back of the neck, to promote feelings of confidence, courage, and positivity anytime and anywhere they need an extra morale boost! This is one of my boy’s favorite blends – they love how happy and bright it smells!


This carefully selected blend is full of gentle and cooling essential oils is perfect to reach for anytime your child has the sniffles or stuffiness. Diffusing this gives a wonderful aroma that helps ease feelings of discomfort and supports the feeling of normal, clear breathing. You can apply this topically to your child’s chests and throat to provide a relaxing and comforting aroma.


Everyone needs a good and restful night’s sleep! This is the perfect blend to add some calm to your child’s nighttime routine. Diffuse this aroma to promote feelings of relaxation and tranquility, which helps create a calming, restful atmosphere. Apply this peaceful blend on the bottoms of your child’s feet, chest or back of neck as part of naptime or bedtime to help create a serene atmosphere. If your child likes to be massaged, this is such a calming and soothing blend to help them unwind.


This is hands down my boys favorite essential oil! There are always bumps and bruises happening around here with 5 boys, so this one gets used a lot! It is super soothing – and Owie and a Welly bandage are always requested here. And it has an aroma that is calming in times of emotional distress! Owie is fantastic to have on hand for outdoor activities – this blend of Idaho Grand Fir, Tea Tree, and Elemi essential oils that can be used on dry and sensitive skin support. Children love this comforting and reassuring blend that will naturally soothe them.


This blend is wonderful to diffuse, or use topically, to promote an atmosphere of inspiration, productivity, and positivity for children needing to concentrate. With grounding Frankincense and calming Cedarwood, as well as other botanicals. This blend is excellent to diffuse when children need to re-center and put their thinking caps on!

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends for Children

Now that you know how each of these essential oil blends can help your child, I want to show you how SIMPLE and EASY it is to make these into prediluted roller bottles! (If you don’t want to make your own KidScents roller bottles, you can purchase premade ones.) It is super cost-effective to make your own roller bottles with KidScents essential oils, fractionated coconut oil, and glass roller bottles. You can even get a bundle of 5 KidScents essential oils and the Feather the Owl kids’ diffuser. My kids LOVE their Feather the Owl diffuser and KidScents oils. Let me demonstrate how simple it is to make these little roller bottles:


KidScents essential oils of choice

6 glass roller bottles (I like these with the color lids for easy distinction)

Fractionated coconut oil


1. Open the roller bottle.

2. Add 20 drops of 1 of the KidScents essential oil of choice.

3. Top off with fractionated coconut oil.

4. Secure roller top and lid.

5. Shake gently to combine.

6. Add a label.

7. Repeat for each essential oil.

8. Enjoy!

*Remember to always keep essential oils out of reach of children and supervise them when they are using them. Yes, essential oils are natural, but it does not mean it would be safe for your child to drink an entire bottle of essential oil or dump an entire bottle on his body!

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