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Women’s Hormone Support Essential Oil Recipe

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This essential oil recipe is for the ladies!

How many times have we heard the expression: Pretty is as pretty does? When our hormones are one big roller coaster ride, it can be difficult to be pretty in any meaning of the word. As women, our hormones fluctuate a lot. And sometimes we feel it more than others. Perhaps one day we feel pretty and happy, then the next day we feel completely down; maybe even sad, irritated, depressed, or angry. It can feel confusing and frustrating. That is why I want to share the essential oil recipe that has given me much-needed support for my menstrual cycle. Using this roller blend daily has helped balance things out for me a lot. (No, it doesn’t make my hormones perfectly balanced – but it has truly helped me emotionally and with cramps!) Did you notice that I said DAILY use? That is because consistency is often one of the most important parts of using essential oils therapeutically. But the most important thing about therapeutic use is that the essential oils are pure! The constituents in the plants give them their power. If those constituents are not intact, the essential oils are basically just liquid aroma in a pretty bottle. If you want to know what constituents are in a simple explanation, check out my post here. This essential oil recipe uses four popular female hormone supporting oils.

Essential Oils for Female Hormone Support:

Before we get into the recipe, I want to briefly share why I chose these essential oils for this particular blend. I also want to add that this essential oil recipe is appropriate for any age female having menstrual cycles.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil evokes calming, relaxing, and comforting properties. It is also known for its harmonizing properties, offering support in balancing male-female energies.

Clary Sage Essential Oil is well known for its support for menstrual discomforts, PMS, and hormonal imbalances. It offers many people calming support during times of emotional distress.

Geranium Essential Oil is wonderful for supporting the balance of hormones and emotions. For many people, its aroma uplifts the spirit, fosters peace, and offers feelings of well-being and hope. (To learn more about the benefits of geranium essential oil, see my detailed post here.) 

Lavender Essential Oil offers women support for menstrual cycles and PMS. It is physically and emotionally a calm, relaxing, and balancing essential oil. (To learn more about the benefits of lavender essential oil, see my detailed post here.)

This amazing hormone supporting blend has a lovely floral fragrance that reminds me of walking through a field of wildflowers. *Cue happy sigh* Gather your supplies, and let’s get started!

Pretty Woman Essential Oil Recipe Supplies:


1. Open your 10ml glass roller bottle.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle

2. Add 10 drops of each essential oil. (geranium, lavender, ylang ylang, and clary sage)

3. Top off with carrier oil of choice. Be sure to leave room for the roller bottle fitment.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle and Young Living V-6 Bottle

4. Secure roller bottle fitment and lid.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle and Essential Oils

5. Gently shake to combine the oils.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle and Essential Oils

6. Roll onto your wrists daily. Roll over your uterus anytime you have uterine discomfort.

Applying Essential Oils with a roller bottle
“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;”
 ~ Lord Byron 

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