Pink Drink Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe

Pink Drink Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe feature image

I am so excited to share my Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe with you all!! Pink drinks and refreshers have become super popular over the years. I personally do not buy drinks at Starbucks, because I am super picky about my coffee and I’m frugal haha. But I will admit that when I saw the refreshers, I thought they looked so delicious! So, I decided to try creating my own, but I wanted to take it up a health notch by adding Ningxia Red and making sure there are electrolytes for our super humid summer heat here in the south….. and of course it needed to taste delicious! I am pleased with what I came up with, and my husband likes it too! And it is VERY simple to make. I hope you enjoy it too!

This pink drink Ningxia Red refresher recipe calls for: Ningxia Red, coconut water, strawberry-lemonade, strawberries, and ice.

If you do not know why Ningxia Red is so fabulous for you, please check out my post called The Amazing Power of Ningxia Red. This super juice will blow your minds with its benefits!!

Ingredients Needed:

Pink Drink Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe Ingredients
  • *strawberry slices and ice
  • 8 oz *strawberry lemonade
  • 4 oz coconut water
  • 2 oz Ningxia Red

Pink Drink Ningxia Red Recipe:

Pink Drink Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe 1

1: First, add some ice and sliced strawberries to a large glass.

Pink Drink Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe 2

2: Then add 8 oz of strawberry lemonade to the glass.

Pink Drink Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe 3

3: Next add 4 oz of coconut water to the glass.

Pink Drink Ningxia Red Refresher Recipe 4

4: Last add 2 oz of Ningxia Red to the glass and stir. Enjoy!!

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