Discover how to make Thieves Cleaner, which is a natural and effective all-purpose cleaner spray to keep your home sparkling clean!

I have been making and using Thieves Household Cleaner in our home for over 4 years now! It is so great that I have not once been tempted to look for another natural all-purpose cleaner – especially when I remember it cost me less than $1 to make an entire 16 oz spray bottle!!

The cleaner is made from the ultra concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner solution. This powerful solution is plant based and safe to use around your entire family and pets, because there are no harsh chemicals or synthetics in the ingredients. It works to effectively remove grime and germs as you clean. I love the peace of mind that this non-toxic cleaner offers me as a mother, and as a pet owner. I feel good knowing that I don’t have to keep a lock on my cleaner cabinet 24/7 – and that no one will be licking or absorbing any cleaning chemicals after use. (To learn more about Thieves Household Cleaner, you can read my post.)

Are you ready to learn how easy it is to make up your own bottle Thieves Cleaner to keep your home safe and clean?! Let’s do it and get cleaning safely!

Supplies Needed

Want the best bang for your buck as you ditch conventional home care products for non-toxic natural products? Take a peek at the Thieves Home Bundle below.

How To Make Thieves Cleaner

How to Make Thieves Cleaner 1

1: Gather the necessary supplies.

Gather the supplies listed above and find a waterproof surface to work at.

How to Make Thieves Cleaner 2

2: Open the 16oz glass spray bottle.

First, you will remove the spray trigger and set it aside.

How to Make Thieves Cleaner 3

3: Add 16oz of water to the bottle.

To the glass bottle, add 16oz of cool water. I recommend using filtered water if you have it available.

How to Make Thieves Cleaner 4

4: Add 1 capful of the concentrate.

Next, add 1 capful of the Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate to the water. (using a funnel makes this easier)

How to Make Thieves Cleaner 5

5: Secure the spray trigger and shake.

Now that everything is added, simply secure the spray trigger and gently shake to combine the water and concentrate.

How to Make Thieves Cleaner 6

6: Start using.

Use your new cleaner as you would any all-purpose cleaner. Happy cleaning!!

Lushious Lemon Thieves Household Cleaner DIY feature image

If you want to change up the scent of your cleaner and make it more light and springy, you can follow this simple adaptation recipe and make a Lushious Lemon version! This is my favorite scent for spring and summer.

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