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How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser

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You’ve probably been enjoying diffusing your essential oils, then one day you noticed the inside of your diffuser suddenly doesn’t look so pristine anymore. Uh-oh! Now what? Well, it’s time to give it a nice clean! If you’re not confident in how to do that, have no fear! You will be after this post – I will take you step-by-step in exactly how to clean an essential oil diffuser. It’s simple – and once you do it, a time or two, you’ll be a total pro!

Cleaning an essential oil diffuser is a quick and simple process. You will need your dirty diffuser and a few supplies. After gathering your supplies, you will begin by thoroughly washing the inside and lid, then cleaning the ionic plate, and drying.

Supplies Needed to Clean An Essential OIl Diffuser:


  • Access to running water
  • Gentle natural soap
  • Gentle cloth and brush
  • Cotton ball or swab

How to A Clean Essential Oil Diffuser In 7 EASY Steps:

Follow these 7 steps, and you will have a fresh and well-functioning diffuser in no time!

How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser Step 1

1: Gather Diffuser and Cleaning Supplies

Gather necessary supplies and unplug your diffuser. (if there’s any water inside the reservoir, dump it out) Bring everything over to the sink area.

How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser Step 2

2: Run Fresh Water Through Diffuser

Fill empty diffuser about halfway with fresh water, plug in and run on high for up to 5 minutes. This will soften up anything that may be hardened. When finished, unplug diffuser completely and dump out the leftover water from the reservoir.

How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser Step 3

3: Clean Inside the Diffuser

Wet a rag, and add the tiniest bit of natural soap to the inside. Gently wipe away any oiliness and gunk. Clean the lid as well. Use a small brush for hard to reach areas. Rinse.

How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser Step 4

4: Clean the Ultrasonic Plate

Add a little rubbing alcohol to the ultrasonic plate, then clean thoroughly with a small brush or cotton swab. This will ensure the diffuser will perform at its best.

How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser Step 5

5: Rinse and Dry Inside the Diffuser

Rinse the inside of the diffuser again. Dry fully with a cloth or towel. Now the inside of your diffuser is sparkling clean!

How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser Step 6

6: Clean the Outside of the Diffuser

Now is the perfect time to dust/wipe down the outside of your diffuser. You can even use a little canned air to clean the bottom motor area for some serious TLC!

How to Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser Step 7

7: Re-Assemble the Diffuser

Now you can put your diffuser back together and into its place. Your diffuser is ready to add fresh water and your favorite essential oil blend – turn on and enjoy.

Happy diffusing friends!!

Common Questions:

Do essential oil diffusers need to be cleaned?

Yes, they should be regularly cleaned to perform at their best. Diffusers tend to stay moist inside, so it is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Some essential oils can also leave residue over time.

How often should I clean my essential oil diffuser?

You should always clean your diffuser whenever you notice any type of residue. It is preferable to clean your diffuser before you see residue; a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is best.  

Can I run vinegar through my essential oil diffuser?

NO. You should never run vinegar through your essential oil diffuser. It could damage the ultrasonic plate. It may void your warranty too.  

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