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Books are the heart of learning in our family. As a second-generation homeschooler, I have found that sharing good books together is the best way to instill a life-long love of learning and reading into children. We will never regret spending time with our children nurturing their hearts and minds through reading good books.

While we are a homeschooling family, I wanted all mothers (and even grandmothers) to be encouraged to enjoy learning together with the children in their lives! This is why you will find many stand-alone book lists and enrichment studies that can be done with any child no matter how they “school”.


Find the details of our favorite Charlotte Mason style curriculums- I only recommend what we love and use!  

Ah books! Here you will find our favorite books. There will be lots of book lists for different ages and topics. 

Learn how to offer a feast of music, art, poetry, nature, and more to your children: add some variety to your child’s education! 

“The selection of their first lesson book is a matter of grave importance, because it rests with these to give children the idea that knowledge is supremely attractive, and that reading is delightful.  Once the habit of reading his lesson books with delight is set up in a child, his education is not completed, but ensured.”    – Charlotte Mason

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