DIY Cleaning Caddy with Natural Products

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Curate a DIY cleaning caddy that is simple, pretty, and natural. Convenience and functionality to carry around your home as you’re cleaning.

Are you looking for a functional, yet pretty way to keep your cleaning supplies organized and ready to go? Even chores are better if things are pretty! Keeping your cleaning supplies organized and available can make a huge difference when tackling cleaning chores. A cleaning caddy is a portable kit that holds everything you need to clean all around your home. Whether it’s a quick bathroom tidy or a deep spring clean, your cleaning caddy will have what you need right beside you to get the job done!

In this blog post, I’ll share exactly how to create an aesthetically pleasing DIY cleaning caddy that will have your home sparkling in no time. From choosing a caddy to filling it with the best natural supplies, I’ll guide you step by step through the process. And even give you some of my favorite natural DIY cleaning recipes. Say good-bye to rummaging around to find what you need to clean, now they’ll have a designated home all ready to work. Let’s get started on this practical and fun project!

How to Create a Cleaning Caddy

How to Create a Cleaning Caddy

The first thing you will need to do is choose a container to hold all of your supplies. There are many choices on the market today – but since we are focusing on making a pretty cleaning caddy, I am going to choose a large pretty basket. You can find baskets at Hobby Lobby, thrift stores, etc. Once you find the perfect basket, you are ready to fill it with your favorite supplies. (If you don’t like baskets, you can choose a cute metal bucket or whatever suits your aesthetic!)

What's In a Cleaning Caddy

What's In a Cleaning Caddy

Now that you have chosen your basket, or container of choice, you can begin to fill it with cleaning supplies. Here are my favorite tried and true supplies that make for a perfect natural cleaning kit. (Of course, you may substitute any of these for your personal favorites.)

1: Brush and Dustpan

These are helpful for sweeping up small areas, hard to reach places, or table/counter messes. I have had my set for years, but here is a similar set.

2: Cleaning Brushes

I use these for whatever surfaces need a good scrub. From grout, to tubs, to sinks, these get the job done. I find this set has what I need for the cleaning jobs in our home.

3: Scrub Sponges

Sometimes a job just calls for a good scrub sponge – especially for sinks or tubs. I like these natural sponges best.

4: Feather Duster

Get your dusting done with class. Call me old fashioned, I just prefer this good old feather duster to get the dust off.

5: Swedish Dishcloths

Perfect for wiping down countertops and other places, they clean well and are pretty. There are so many options, so you are certain to find one that suits your style! Here’s my set.

6: Flour Sack Towels

A natural and inexpensive option for drying surfaces. I love how well these absorb and are easy to wash.

7: Natural Cleaners

You don’t need a ton of different cleaners to get your home sparkling. All-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and a scrub will tackle most home cleaning jobs. I will share my non-toxic favorites below. If you don’t want to change your cleaners, you may want to transfer them to some pretty glass containers like these.

Favorite Natural Cleaners

Favorite Natural Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner* is the perfect plant-based all-purpose cleaner that works to remove grime and germs as you clean. I love how it’s natural, smells good, works, and is the most economical cleaner I have ever found. It cost less than $1 to mix up 16 ounces of cleaner from the concentrate!! Learn how to make Thieves Household Cleaner on my post here.

Glass Cleaner

I love to make my own glass cleaner, mainly because it doesn’t have a that “take your breath away scent” from ammonia or other toxins in it. Also, this recipe costs less than buying a bottle of Windex, you can mix it up in a few minutes, and it works great. Learn how to make my Glass Cleaner recipe here.


There are several options for scrubs that I like. For my cleaning caddy, I like to add a bottle of Bon Ammi. But you can also grab some Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub or DIY your own soft scrub with my recipe here.

Linen/Room Spray

There’s nothing like the fresh and gentle touch that a linen spray can add at the end of a cleaning session. Making your own is so quick and easy, and essential oils actually support your body, rather than harm it like synthetic fragrance sprays will. My favorite linen sprays can be found on my post here.

*If you have never heard of Thieves Household Cleaner, or are unsure why it is so fabulous, you can learn all about it on my blog post: Thieves Cleaner – A Natural Clean

Diffusing Essential OIls After Cleaning

I love to diffuse citrus and herbal essential oils whenever I am cleaning because they can boost my mood and energy levels when cleaning. AND they are very cleansing for the air and leave everything smelling so bright and fresh. Some of my favorite diffuser blends can be found below. Happy cleaning everyone!! 

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